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Non-Work-Conserving Scheduling of Non-Preemptive Hard Real-Time Tasks Based on Fixed Priorities

Category: Conference
Author(s)Mitra Nasri, Gerhard Fohler
SourceReal-Time Network and Systems (RTNS), ACM Publisher.
Date Nov 2015


In this paper, we consider scheduling of non-preemptive and independent periodic tasks with implicit deadlines on uniprocessor systems. We assume loose-harmonic task sets with periods being integer multiples of the smallest period. This problem is known to be NP-Hard. Recently, two online nonwork-conserving scheduling algorithms called PrecautiousRM (P-RM) and LP-RM have been introduced to guarantee schedulability of special cases of harmonic task sets. In this paper, we provide new sufficient schedulability tests for P-RM and LP-RM. Then, by introducing a new algorithm called efficient Precautious-RM (EP-RM), we increase the number of schedulable loose-harmonic task sets in comparison with P-RM by letting the tasks share the priorities. We prove that the new test dominates the schedulability tests for P-RM. Moreover, we show that if the ratio of two consecutive periods is greater than or equal to 3, P-RM, LP-RM, and EP-RM are able to schedule any task set satisfying the necessary conditions of schedulability. We present results from a simulation study, showing the efficiency of the algorithm.


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