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Performance Indicators and Use Case Analysis for Wireless Networks in Factory Automation

Category: Conference
Author(s)Steven Dietrich, Gunther May, Oliver Wetter, Holger Heeren, Gerhard Fohler
SourceIEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA'17), IEEE.
Date Sep 2017


Wireless networks are currently considered as extension of typical wired networks to increase flexibility and scalability. However, this design freedom is accompanied by the reduced reliability and real-time capability of the wireless communication. To put these advantages and disadvantages in the required relationship, we introduce a use case analysis of typical factory automation applications within this paper. Additionally, we compare performance indicators of industrial communication systems to enable the evaluation of the arising hybrid wired/wireless networks with regard to the requirements. Especially reliability parameters like the packet error rate (PER) are often only weakly linked to their industrial application. Therefore, we finally present a bottom-up analysis of a typical factory automation machine to derive more realistic PER values based on real applications.


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