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Stefan Schorr, Anand Kotra, Gerhard Fohler, Johan Eker, Arzen, Karl-Erik, Vanessa Romero, Adaptive Resource Management in the ACTORS Framework - A live DVB-T/webcam Demo, RTSS@Work Demo Session of the IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, November 2011.
Anand Kotra, Gerhard Fohler, Resource aware real-time stream adaptation of MPEG-4 video in constrained bandwidth networks, Poster, Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP) Conference, IEEE , Taiwan, November 2011.
Karl-Erik Arzen, Romero, Vanessa, Mikael Kralmark, Stefan Schorr, Anand Kotra, Gerhard Fohler, Demo: Adaptive Resource Management Made Real, Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Adaptive and Reconfigurable Embedded Systems (APRES 2011), Chicago, April 2011.
Anand Kotra, Gerhard Fohler, Demo : Resource aware real-time stream adaptation for MPEG-2 transport streams in constrained bandwidth networks, Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME), singapore, July 2010.
Rodrigo Ferreira Coelho, Anand Kotra, Gerhard Fohler, A Control Theory Approach to Video Stream Adaptation for Restricted Bandwidth Networks, Proceedings of 1st Workshop on Adaptive Resource Management (WARM10), Stockholm, Sweden, April 2010.
Anand Kotra, Pradeep H.R., Online Stream Adaptation Under constrained Network Bandwidth, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, June 2007.
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