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Tuesday 27. of March 2018 Our paper titled "Vulnerability Analysis and Mitigation of Directed Timing Inference Based Attacks on Time-Triggered Systems" by Kristin Krüger, Marcus Völp and Gerhard Fohler has been accepted at the 30th Euromicro...
Sunday 11. of March 2018 Our paper titled "Towards Hybrid Wired-Wireless Networks in IndustrialApplications" by Lisa Underberg, Steven Dietrich, Ruediger Kays andGerhard Fohler has been accepted at the 1st IEEE InternationalConference on...
Monday 29. of January 2018 Our paper titled "Job-Shifting: An Algorithm for Online Admission of Non-Preemptive Aperiodic Tasks in Safety Critical Systems" by Ali Syed, Daniel Gracia Pérez and Gerhard Fohler has been accepted in the special issue...
Tuesday 02. of January 2018 17.01.2018, 10:00-11:30 @ 13-305 on "Developing RTOS hypervisor for high-assurance systems" by Dr. Sergey Tverdyshev (Sysgo, Germany)
Saturday 23. of December 2017 Our paper titled "Optimized Resource Allocation for Cascaded Communication Networks in Factory Automation" by Steven Dietrich, Lisa Underberg, Gunther May, Ruediger Kays and Gerhard Fohler has been accepted at the 19th...

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