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Real-Time Systems I (Summer Semester 2012)

General Course Information:

The course will provide understanding in the nature of real-time systems and why and how they differ from standard computing systems. It gives an overview of the major types of resource allocation schemes and addresses issues in QoS management.

Areas covered:

  • Real-time, real-time systems and models, applications
  • Types and properties of real-time systems
  • Scheduling of periodic tasks
  • Real-time Operating Systems
  • Real-time Networks
  • QoS Management, mediaprocessing
  • The international research community, conferences, in addition to the scientific contents
  • Brief information about related project going on at the department.


  • Prof. Gerhard Fohler
  • International Guest Lecturers



In addition to the lectures, a number of written exercises will be given (for more information, see below).


A written exam will be held after the course.

Information for [Summer Semester 2012]

Real-Time Systems 1 on KIS

You can find more information related to RTS1 and the exam here.


Exam WS12/13

Results of the exam WS12/13 from the 26th of February 2013 have been posted. Review takes place in room 12-401:  27.03.2013 14:00 - 15:00




Exercise 1: 15. May - Scheduling 1 (responsible Stefan Schorr)

Exercise 2: SHIFTED to 29. May - Scheduling 2 (responsible Stefan Schorr)

Exercise 3: 5. June - Resource Sharing 1 (responsible Stefan Schorr)

Exercise 4: SHIFTED to 19. June - Resource Sharing 2 (responsible Stefan Schorr)

Exercise 5: 26. June - RT Network (responsible Rodrigo Coelho)

Exercise 6: approx. date: 3. July (responsible Rodrigo Coelho)

Exercise 6, second part: 10. July, 2 p.m.


The updated lecture and exercise dates can be accessed via remote calendar on a web browser. Click here.

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