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Seminar Real-Time Systems (Summer Semester 2014)

General Course Information:

Course Contents

The end results, inspired by the actual scientific process, will be a paper and its presentation at a mini conference with printed proceedings.  This will be achieved via the  following steps

  • choice of topic
  • literature search
  • paper outline
  • full paper
  • prepare  presentation
  • give the presentation

After each step, we will discuss the results individually with students.

Information for summer semester 2014

Some information about the course in this semester:

  • Lecturers
    • Prof. Gerhard Fohler
    • Jens Theis
  • First appointment:
    • Date: April 29
    • Room: 12-401
  • KIS-Entry
  • Number of participants is limited


The work is done in several intermediate steps with regular deadlines for each step. Topics can be chosen at the first meeting.

After completing the seminar, you will get 2 certificates:
• Real-Time Systems Seminar (3 ECTS credits)
• Intro. to the Academic Scientific Publication Process (1 ECTS credit)

Contact for more information.
Due to limited resources, you have to register for the seminar.

We will select the participants and send the notification whether you can take the seminar on April 28.

Register until: April 27, 2014

Please, send an email to if you want to register for the seminar.



May, 19   14:30   12/401   How to write a paper

June, 23   14:30   12/401   How to give a talk

July, 18                               Seminar Day

For more information about the seminar and download material please use OpenOLAT.

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