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RTS Laboratory WS 12/13

General Course Information:

Course Content

This lab will deepen the understanding of operating systems and strengthening of real-time topics.
Experiments include:

  • Processes and threads in operating systems
  • Device accesses
  • Real-time Operating System nxtOSEK
  • Resource management under Linux with Sched_EDF
  • MPEG-2


For each experiment, there will be a description with fundamental basics to understand the experiment.

Administrative Information

Registration for the lab will be open from October, 15th, 8 a.m. until October 19th, 12 a.m. Because of limited hardware resources, we will assign available places by first come first serve and send you an email after the registration period.

After each experiment, each group has to hand in a solution of the experiment questions in written form.

The five experiment topics will be covered by 8 appointments during the semester.

In the beginning of each appointment, the preparation tasks of the experiment topic will be tested. Without passing the tests, the experiments cannot be started and have to be repeated. Failing a test is only possible once. After a second failed test, the entire lab is failed and can be repeated in the next winter-semester.

Emails with preliminary group assignment have been sent. The lab will take place on both the following appointments:

  • on Tuesdays: 13:00 – 17:00
  • on Wednesdays: 13:00 – 17:00

The five experiments are covered by eight appointments – three of them have two parts:

  1. Week from 29.10.12 to 02.11.12 Experiment 1: Processes and Threads
  2. Weeks from 12.11.12 to 23.11.12 Experiment 2: OSEK (part 1+2)
  3. Weeks from 03.12.12 to 14.12.12 Experiment 3: Resource Management (part 1+2)
  4. Weeks from 07.01.13 to 18.01.13 Experiment 4: Quality-aware Frame Skipping (part 1+2)
  5. Week from 28.01.13 to 01.02.13 Experiment 5: Devices

If you are taking the Lab, please come to 12/519 and we will give you the description materials for the first experiments including administrative information.


Follow the Real-Time Systems lab news on twitter. Last minute information concerning the lab will be posted there, e.g., slide release, postponed appointments, etc:

More Information for WS 12/13

More information can be found in KIS.

Internal Information


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