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Timeliness in Wireless Sensor Networks: Common Misconceptions

Category: Inproceedings
Author(s)Ramon Serna Oliver, Gerhard Fohler
SourceProceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Real-Time Networks RTN'2010, Brussels, Belgium.
Date Jul 2010


Existing real-time methods enable wireless sensor networks (WSN) to achieve -in principle- different levels of timeliness guarantees. However, the design and evaluation processes of these methods are often grounded on naive assumptions that constrain their usability in real-world deployments. In this paper, we analyze from a timeliness perspective a number of implicit and explicit assumptions common in existing methods and discuss their impact in real deployments. We base our arguments on gained experience on simulations under realistic assumptions in WSN as well as well-known research literature. Based on these arguments, we provide a list of considerations to mitigate the effects of misleading assumptions and achieve timeliness solutions consistent with the particularities of WSN.


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