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Gautam Gala, Gerhard Fohler, Daniel, Gracia Pérez, Claire Pagetti, Distributed Real-Time Architecture for Mixed-Criticality Systems, Chapter 9. Resource Management Services, CRC Press, 1 edition, Hamidreza Ahmadian, Roman Obermaisser, Jon Perez, ISBN 9780815360643 - CAT K346883, August 2018.
Ali Abbas Jaffari Syed, Gerhard Fohler, Distributed Real-Time Architecture for Mixed-Criticality
, Chapter 5. Algorithms and Tools, CRC Press, 1 edition, Hamidreza Ahmadian, Roman Obermaisser, Jon Perez, ISBN 9780815360643 - CAT K346883, August 2018.
Gerhard Fohler, Embedded Systems Design - The ARTIST Roadmap for Research and Development, Adaptive Real-time Systems (contribution), Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Bruno Bouyssounouse and Joseph Sifakis, January 2005.
Pau Marti, Josep M. Fuertes, Gerhard Fohler, The Handbook on Information Technology in Industrial Automation, Networked Control Systems - An Overview, CRC Press/IEEE Press, Richard Zurawsky, to appear 2004, January 2004.
Steven Dietrich, Gunther May, Johannes von Hoyningen-Huene, Andreas Mueller, Gerhard Fohler, Frame Conversion Schemes for Cascaded Wired / Wireless Communication Networks of Factory Automation, Mobile Networks and Applications, vol. 22, pag. 1--11, 1, May 2017.
Enrico Bini, G. Buttazzo, Johan Eker, Stefan Schorr, Raphael Guerra, Gerhard Fohler, Karl-Erik Arzen, Romero, Vanessa, Claudio Scordino, Resource Management on Multicore Systems: The ACTORS Approach, IEEEMicro, vol. 31, pag. 72-81, 3, May 2011.
Don Kuzhiyelil, Philipp Zieris, Marine Kadar, Sergey Tverdyshev, Gerhard Fohler, Towards Transparent Control-Flow Integrity in Safety-Critical Systems, 23rd Information Security Conference, SPRINGER, September 2020.
Mohammed Salman Shaik, Václav Struhár, Zeinab Bakhshi, Van-Lan Dao, Nitin Desai, Vasileios Karagiannis, Alexandre Silva Venito, Alessandro V. Papadopoulos, Thomas Nolte, Stefan Schulte, Gerhard Fohler, Enabling Fog-based Industrial Robotics Systems, ETFA 2020 - Fog and Industrial IoT Applications, September 2020.
Marine Kadar, Tverdyshev, Sergey, Gerhard Fohler, Towards Host Intrusion Detection For Embedded Industrial Systems, DSN 2020 - Industrial Track, June 2020.
Nils Vreman, Richard Pates, Kristin Krüger, Gerhard Fohler, Martina Maggio, Minimizing Side-Channel Attack Vulnerability via Schedule Randomization, Poster/ Demo Session of the 58th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), December 2019.
Sascha Uhrig, Johannes Freitag, Gerhard Fohler, Ankit Agrawal, COTS Multicores in Avionic Applications, EMC2 Newsletter 4, November 2016.
Ankit Agrawal, Gerhard Fohler, Offline Scheduling Algorithms for DHRTS , DREAMS EU Project - Public Deliverable, D4.1.1 - Chapter 9, July 2014.
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